If you’re searching for a quick and easy message for your church sign, you’ve come to the right place!  Our directory of quotes, sayings, bible verses, and funny messages is growing right along with you. We are the only resource you need.

Find Text for Your Church Sign

Church SignIs it your job every week to come up with something to put on your church sign? It can be fun at first, but it can get old quickly. We can help. Many churches focus on “first impressions” when new people come to church. And rightly so! But the VERY first impression your church gives is through your sign. Before anyone comes through your doors, they’ll drive by your sign – perhaps hundreds of times! How many people drive past your church every day? What kind of message do they hear? Is it angry or cheerful, uplifting or discouraging?

Church Sign Quotes and Sayings

ChurchSignText.com offers quotes and sayings you can copy and paste right into your digital sign, if you have one. The quotes and sayings you put on your sign can be funny or serious, inspiring or thoughtful, engaging and welcoming. They can make people smile, laugh, pause and reflect. If they do, your sign is doing a great job.

Bible Verses and Funny Messages for Your Church Sign

Of course, there are many bible verses and scriptures you can put on your sign, but when you’re in a hurry, how easy is it to find a good one that will fit? What about humor? It’s not always easy to say something funny when your sign has 2 or 3 lines of text and less characters than a tweet! If you’re in a hurry that week and not feeling very creative, you might even put a message on your sign that embarrasses you later. Don’t just pray that never happens to you. Save yourself and your sign from boredom and boo-boo’s. Find a place in your bookmarks for www.churchsigntext.com.